Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And so we begin...i'm just throwing out the nugget of a dialogue. it may annoy some people and make some people scratch their heads...if i'm  very lucky, one or two of you may even be slightly amused.

no matter...the point here, whatever we (or you, hopefully) throw out, is to make the rest of us think and respond...honestly, and no holds barred--but, of course, respectfully, as well. Here's our first:

elh says she has her ups and downs like anyone, and even gets mad at god, sometimes…she’ll spend a bit of time letting him know what’s on her mind, and then asking for his forgiveness…
what??? I asked are you asking for forgiveness for… why don’t YOU forgive GOD, if he was the wrongdoer? "Because," she said, "He CAN’T do wrong!! So, forgive him for what?  That’s not an option…and I need to be forgiven for hanging on to my anger, for not letting it go"
so, here’s the question…is god capable of wrongdoing? what, exactly is the nature of god?

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Shirley said...

SSS: No, my God isn't capable of wrongdoing,
but I do wonder about his testing Job.